Type of Thought

‘Can our thoughts be sculpted by a writing tool?’

Thoughts alter and adapt as they move from mind via hand onto the page. What ways of thinking lie beyond our conventional computer keyboard? ‘Type of Thought’ challenges the 140 year old QWERTY design. Offering a tactile tasting palette of four keyboards, each inspired by a modern art movement. Have your line of thinking disrupted by the Cubist keyboard, catch the essence on the frustratingly slow Minimalist one, or let ideas flow over an Impressionistic landscape of letters. On the Pop Art keyboard three keys suffice: just enough to copy-paste your way onto the internet.

‘Do I want to let my mind run free, find new connections, cut through to the core or change my perspective? I switch between tools depending on my aim.’

‘Once I had a linear mind, now I browse through time and space.’

The Cubistic Keyboard is build to disrupt your line of thinking. All of a sudden you are propelled to different location in your text. Words appear in your sentence; on the contrary, for example, such as. Forcing you to look at your own text from a different perspectives. Press the randomised Verb, Adjective or Conjunction button to shake up your sentence


‘Once I was a creator, now I relocate.’

On the Pop Art keyboard three keys suffice: Control, C, V. We do not always realise how much digital writing tools and acces to the internet have changed out interaction with text. These days we don’t even have to write to be a writer. With the Pop Art keyboard you can copy-paste your way onto the internet.

‘Once I wrote a novel, now I post with a 280 sign limit.’

The frustratingly slow Minimalistic Keyboard consist of a lined up alphabet, space bar and period. Capital letters would be unnecessarily decorative. Each key needs to be pressed a full second, thus slowing down the typing and physically forcing you to keep it brief and cut through to the essence.

‘Once I had to wait, now I publish with the push of a button.’

Let ideas flow over an Impressionistic landscape of letters. For the typewriter hammers not to get stuck the QWRTY keyboard was designed to slow down your typing. In this keyboard, frequently used letters are centered and common letter combinations lined up along side each other. Lift your hands of the keyboard and a space is automatically made.

‘The internet should have done for text,  what the camera did for visual art.’ -Kenneth Goldsmith
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